imageimageThis precious baby was rescued into our home December 19, 2014 after being hit by a car on the side of the road.  He was crying bundled in a hoodie right after the accident and having been rescued when I met him. I swaddled him and immediately started to care for him. I brought him inside and put him on a clean towel as he had messed the hoodie he was carried home in.

I wiped him down and cleaned his face which had some blood around the jaw.  He cried in pain when you touched his right arm his body was pretty banged up and he was a little mangled.

His left eye had that googely look to it.  Luckily I was able to help him.

I had an ointment from my cat Elfie, getting a twig in his eye.  I was able to treat his eye, close it and start helping him sooth and rest.

Because I bottle feed Elfie, I had a bottle.  I filled it with some warm water and a small amount of Benadryl, crushed up, he drank the bottle. And began to rest as he was wore out and hurting.

I left and went to the store for kitten formula to feed him and get him nutrients, I also got a bandage, and, pet diapers.

He is so special to me.  He became a great patient.  I was in the middle of a move.  And it was Christmas holidays.  He was named Lotus.

He soon after received great medical care from the CPC, The Care Practice Clinic, of Athens, GA University of Georgia.

He was treated for a left leg amputation the leg he didn’t cry over which was recognizably lame when he started scooting around.

However the right arm he initially did cry over was treated by me, the bandage that I placed around his arm corrected an heir-line fracture.

He was so cooperative and perfect, an amazing patient, even for the vet and his surgery, he would take his (pill) medicine right off the palm of my hand.  He is special and loved.  He was hurt and he knew, he was so appreciative and receiving of our care.

He rested and rested. He’s an angel.


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